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What do we do?

We provide accessible lab experiences to middle school students. Founded in 2017, we have hosted labs that explore topics in biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering, and more. Some fan favorites have been the Chemistry of Fireworks lab and the Mighty Magnetism lab!

We are a partnership between institutions of higher education and local middle schools. These partnerships create a place where participants can access high-quality labs and state-of-the-art materials under the guidance of trained faculty and teaching assistants.

We strive to foster advocacy in our students and instill self-confidence. Through experiences in lab, we create a community that celebrates the strengths of its members and willingly accommodates for all people.

We hope to inspire generations of scientists who will use their unique talents and perspectives to further scientific inquiry.

Commonly used terms


TA: a teaching assistant; a student enrolled at the Host School who works with 4-5 participants during a session.


Participants: the middle school students who attend labs.


Session: one meeting of The Genius Corps. Sometimes we may call it a Lab Session.

Shake on It

Host School: the college or university hosting sessions.

Supervisor: a Host School faculty or staff member who is knowledgeable about the lab space and the building.


Lab Facilitator: student enrolled at the Host School who serves as the connection between The Genius Corps and the Host School. They oversee sessions and TAs, and coordinate the logistics of hosting a successful lab on campus.

Partner School: the middle school that participants attend.

Interested in learning more? Send us a message and let us know!

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