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Host Schools

Community involvement. 

Professional development. 

What's not to love about a program designed to bring local middle school students to your campus? Professors and college students will offer their time and expertise to provide middle school participants with labs hosted at your college or university. The experience you will have as a Host School is unmatched! 

We know how important science education is, and we want to help equip your professors and students for a world that requires them to be creative, critical, flexible thinkers. Professors will be able to share their expertise to inspire young scientists, and college students will learn skills to work with a diverse population of participants.


Like our participants, the college students and professors will walk away with confidence as advocates for themselves and for others.

Science exists in part to improve the quality of human life. The Genius Corps believes that a diverse population of scientists will bring a diverse range of insights to the scientific community. Since our labs are aligned with Common Core and NGSS, they will help students prepare for future study in the STEM field!

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