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Partner Schools

College and University mentors.

State-of-the-art lab space.

A maximum ratio of 4 students to 1 TA.

Do you have students who love science? Do you want to foster their curiosity? A year with The Genius Corps will provide your students with lab experiences that extend their knowledge beyond textbooks and traditional instruction. Our experiences are hands-on, accessible, and fun! 

We know how important science education is, and we want to help you equip your students for a world that requires them to be creative, critical thinkers. They will take risks, face constraints, deal with failures, and emerge with confidence as advocates for themselves and for others.

Science exists in part to improve the quality of human life. The Genius Corps believes that a diverse population of scientists will bring a diverse range of insights to the scientific community. 

Oh, and our labs are aligned with Common Core and the NGSS. 

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